Great Britain Cars Privacy Policy

1. Policy Overview

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Great Britain Cars. Our commitment to your privacy and data security is unwavering, and we conduct our operations in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).,

2. Collecting Personal Information

  • Information Provided by You: This encompasses details submitted during booking, queries, or feedback.
  • Automated Collection: Our website employs technologies like cookies to automatically gather information about your interactions and usage patterns.

3. Usage of Personal Data

  • Service Delivery: We process your data to facilitate reservations, confirm services, and uphold our end of the service agreement.
  • Website Improvement: To enhance your online experience, we use data in alignment with our legitimate interest in website optimization.
  • User Interaction: We process feedback and inquiries based on the consent you provide.

4. Your Rights as a Data Subject

You have the right to:

  • Access your data in our possession.
  • Amend any incorrect data.
  • Request deletion of your personal data.
  • Limit how we process your data.
  • Utilize your right to data portability.
  • Object to certain processing activities.

5. Data Security Practices

  • We utilize advanced encryption technologies.
  • Regular security assessments are conducted to identify and address vulnerabilities.
  • We ensure that our partners are fully compliant with GDPR standards.

6. Data Transfer Protocols

Any transfer of data outside the EU/EEA is managed with utmost care and in accordance with robust protective standards.

7. Compliance and Registration

Great Britain Cars operates under the regulations set forth by the ICO. Our legal entity, Uktransfer2016 Limited, is located at UKTRANSFER2016 LTD, 10-16 Tiller Road, London, Greater London, E14 8PX, registered under ICO reference ZA765654.

8. Amendments to This Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in legal regulations or our operational practices. We encourage users to review this policy periodically.

9. Consent and Acknowledgment

By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

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Our Clients Testimonials



The vehicle is all around kept up with and cleaned . It was exceptionally fair.

star star star star star

Fundamental booking

Fundamental booking and the driver was on time , mindful and solid.

star star star star star

Easy approach

Booking of Great Britain Cars cab is easiest and totally satisfying.

star star star star star

Executive commute service

They are best in UK. They are providing executive commute service.

star star star star star


The driver was very reliable, helpful and kind .His behaviour was just adorable.

star star star star star


Very professional and trustful drivers they have . We will use this again.

star star star star star

Solid and kind

The driver was no question, areas of strength for solid kind .His way to deal with acting was simply awesome.

star star star star star

Best servive

The vehicle is by and large around remained mindful of and cleaned . It was especially fair.

star star star star star

High benefits

The vehicle is overall around stayed aware of and cleaned . It was particularly fair.

star star star star star


The vehicle is well maintained and cleaned . It was very fair.

star star star star star

Strong and kind

The driver was no doubt, solid areas for strong kind .His method for managing acting was absolutely great.

star star star star star

Amazing help

It is astoundingly unbelievable help and it's moreover reliable and on time by and large. I'm genuinely dumbfounded by it.

star star star star star


The driver was so punctual and reached in proper time which was so good.

star star star star star

Extraordinary assistance

It is exceptionally incredible assistance and it's additionally dependable and on time generally. I'm truly dazzled by it.

star star star star star

Remarkable help

It is astoundingly fantastic help and it's also reliable and on time for the most part. I'm genuinely amazed by it.

star star star star star

Extraordinary cab

Extraordinary cab and magnificent can support. Agreeable seats every single thing they are giving.

star star star star star

Good pick ups

They pick me up on the exact time. They provide absolutely best.

star star star star star

Solid and kind

The driver was entirely dependable, supportive and kind .His way of behaving was simply delightful.

star star star star star

Best rates

They are also economically best as well. They have very reason able rates.

star star star star star

Stunning ability

Astoundingly fit and trustful drivers they have . We will use this later on.

star star star star star

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do drivers undergo regular health check-ups?

Ans. Absolutely We ensure regular health check-ups for our drivers to guarantee the safety and well-being of our passengers

Q. Do you provide long-distance transfers, say, to other cities in the UK?

Ans. Indeed, Great Britain Cars offers long-distance services to various cities and destinations in the UK

Q. What happens if I leave an item behind in the vehicle?

Ans. If you realize you've forgotten an item, contact our customer service immediately We have a lost and found protocol, and we'll make every effort to return your belongings

Q. If I can't find my driver, what steps should I take?

Ans. No need to fret If you face difficulty locating your driver, follow the protocol set For swift assistance, contact our office at 0044-2030066550 or message us via WhatsApp: 00442030029028

Q. Do you have corporate accounts for businesses?

Ans. Yes, we offer corporate accounts with special rates and benefits for businesses Reach out to our business team for more details

Q. Do you offer any loyalty programs or memberships?

Ans. Certainly! Regular patrons of Great Britain Cars can avail of loyalty programs and membership benefits Details are available on our website

Q. Are online payments on your website secure?

Ans. Certainly The Great Britain Cars website employs advanced security measures, ensuring safe and secure transactions

Q. How do I provide feedback on my journey?

Ans. We value customer feedback You can share your experience through a feedback form available on our website or via the link in your journey confirmation email

Q. Do your vehicles have Wi-Fi?

Ans. Yes, many of our vehicles come equipped with Wi-Fi If this is a priority, please specify during booking to ensure availability

Q. Can I book multiple vehicles at once?

Ans. Yes, our online booking system allows for multiple vehicle reservations For large-scale bookings or events, we recommend contacting our customer service team for streamlined coordination

Q. How do you ensure driver professionalism and reliability?

Ans. All our drivers undergo rigorous background checks, training programs, and regular reviews to ensure the utmost professionalism and reliability

Q. If I leave feedback, is it kept confidential?

Ans. Yes, all feedback is confidential We use it primarily to improve our services

Q. How does the airport meet-and-greet service work?

Ans. Our driver will meet you in the arrivals area, holding a card with your name, ensuring hassle-free identification and a smooth pickup process

Q. Which type of personal details I have to provide you for making my booking?

Ans. You have to provide us your Name, Contact Number, Email, Date, Time, Pickup Address, Drop Off Address and Flight Number if your pickup is from the airport.