How to Save Money When Touring London

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How to Save Money When Touring London

Every year over 30 million tourists come to London and they want to see as much as they can of this magnificent city. Unfortunately, one of the issues with London is that it is an expensive city and therefore you will want to see the best of London but if you can save money doing this then all the better for you and everyone with you. So we are going to give you some useful bits of information to help you save money when visiting London.

Always Pre-Book Your Tours Online With A Discount Company.

The key suppliers of London Tours are Evan Evans Tours, Premium Tours and the Original London Tour Company, but you don't need to book direct with them to get great tours. You can book with online agents who offers their tours but at a discounted rate, these can be found online through search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Always Pay In Local Currency When In London

Its always best when in the UK to pay with cash and in Sterling, otherwise if you pay with other currency or on your foreign card then you may be charged a handling fee by your card company as well as a poor exchange rate. You can get pre-paid cards with money on in a local currency from your bank and these are becoming very popular now with tourists to the UK.

Always Use Private taxis

So if you are planning on traveling a lot around London then you will be best advised to use Private London Taxi. It is always best Option as these allow you to travel cheaper around London If you want to take a cab then be prepared for it being Not expensive on short journeys as you are not charged by the distance but by the time and it can take a long time to get to places around London.

Don't use your mobile.

Using your overseas mobile in the UK can cost a fortune, what we recommend is using free wifi spots in the UK - such as Starbucks or McDonalds and then having a skype app on your phone and speaking to your friends and family using Skype over free wifi. This will save you a fortune in overseas charges for calls and data transfer.
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