Minicab vs Black Cab


Are you arriving in the United Kingdom? Which airport would that be? London Heathrow? London Stansted? Or London Gatwick? Regardless of which airport’s doors you will come out of, you will be looking for a transport to take you to your hotel. Now, the hunt for a car transport begins. At this time, the thought of pre-booking a minicab may come to you, but quickly dissipate when you acquire the black metered cab. Once again, the thought might come to you of pre-booking a minicab when the driver tells you the charge.

The next day, you might again need to acquire the services of a black metered cab to go to your corporate event with the driver telling you another big amount you need to pay up. This time, you will have to pay the driver twice — once to come to the event and the other to go from it.

By that time, your mind may revert to pre-booking the services of a minicab. Why, you ask? If you haven’t caught on to where we are headed with this, we will tell you. The biggest difference between the pre-booked minicabs and black metered cabs is price.

Compared to black metered cabs, pre-booked minicabs cost 60 percent less. In fact, this is true worldwide. Just look at the stats we compiled:

Country Price in Pounds
London, United Kingdom -£ 9.47
New York City, United States -£ 7.71
Tokyo, Japan -£ 10.05
Dublin, Ireland -£ 11.16
Nice, France -£ 11.17

Black metered cabs charge you per mile, but the price of pre-booked minicabs are fixed, assuring no sudden shocks. Due to several minicab companies established in London, they have employed a competitive pricing strategy. Hence, guaranteeing you receiving the best rates. You can pre-book them in advance from their website online or by phone, guaranteeing your timely exit and arrival from and to the airport.

With so many guarantees, there is no way black metered taxis stand a chance against pre-booked minicabs. Contact us now to pick you up from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London City, and Southend airports and drop you back when your trip ends.