London – the Mother of all Tourist Destinations


This year’s MasterCard report says it all. Not only is London the most visited destination for international tourists, it is also the place where they spend the most money! Ever wonder what makes the British capital so attractive to all and sundry? Here are some reasons why:

Welcoming Nature

When you set your foot down on London soil, it feels like stepping into a warm embrace. London does not make you feel like you have left your country at all. In fact, the new figures suggest that there are likely to be more non-Londoners in an area!


A melting pot of cultures, London hosts an enormous number of festivals originating from all over the globe. Outside of China, London hosts the largest Chinese New Year festival. The Sikh New Year or Vaisakhi, the Hindu Festival of Lights or Diwali, as well as, the Arabic Shubbak festival are just some of the events it plays host to.

Even during an average day, taking a walk around East London is sufficient to show you how different communities have influenced the city’s development. Brick Lane has become synonymous with Asia since some of the most famous curry houses of the city are located there.

Buildings like the Jamme Masjid – a mosque – on Brick Lane enrich the culture with their multi-religious histories. The mosque in question was originally a Huguenot church when built in 1741. It spent the 19th century by becoming a Baptist chapel, then transformed into a synagogue in 1893 as it changed hands.

Something for Everyone

When we say there is something for everyone, it is actually true! For the plant lovers, there are The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. For history buffs, sites like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and Nelson's Column. Then there is the Tower of London for lovers of all things sensational and gory and St.Paul’s Cathedral to visit for the architecturally inclined and the religious.

Come, visit London, you can arrive at Heathrow airport or Gatwick airport or Stansted airport or Luton airport or London City airport or Southend airport, and we at Great Britain Cars will welcome you and assure you that you will love it here!